Sweet Taste Trunk Review – July 2013 + Coupon Code!

My first Taste Trunk, and it’s the Sweet Trunk! This box came within another box, and if you can tell, this box has a wax seal on it! Awesome!!! I hope your sweet tooth can handle this 🙂
Box: Taste Trunk is a gourmet food subscription service box. This is the ‘Sweet’ themed box, but there are also other themes such as ‘Health’, ‘Gourmet’, and ‘BBQ’.

Price: $29/month + $5.99 s/h. (Use coupon code SubscriptionLove25 and get 25% off your first trunk!)
You can also save more off your additional trunks (10%) by inviting your own friends! If you do, I’d appreciate if you put me as a sponsor! (Natasha Torcuato). Thank you!

Contents: 5-10 gourmet products, coupons, and recipes in each box!

Ahh look at how nice everything is!!! I love this presentation 🙂

Amazed at how many things are packed in here.
Tons and tons of information cards!

Nunes Farms ‘Almond Caramel’ Chews (Value $2-3?):
These were yummy! I prefer my caramel to not be as sticky as these, but there were huge chunks of almonds, which gave this snack a nice crunch.
Kookaburra Liquorice in ‘Green Apple’ (Value $4.39):
Mmm does green apple look good! Didn’t know they made fruity licorice so I am happy to try out this, and full-size too!

CC Made ‘Pistachio Nut’ Caramel Corn (Value $4):
I’m not typically a caramel corn & pistachio fan, but as I was typing this, I got a craving, opened this package up and dove right in. SO YUMMY! What have I been missing all my life!? It’s literally the perfect combination of salty and sweet, and the caramel on the corn is sooo buttery. So indulgent & rich!
Biscotti Bari in ‘Apricot & Pecan’ (Value $2 each):
Honestly, I just don’t like biscotti, especially this flavor. I don’t like it by itself, I don’t like it dipped in coffee…it’s just not my thing.

Glorybee Foods Honeystix in assorted flavors (Value $1.50?):
Glorybee foods has over 27 flavors of Honeystix, and these seem perfect to put in your yogurt, tea, on your toast, etc. The only problem is, I have no idea what flavors I got! I’m pretty sure the dark one is chocolate, but I wish I knew what I was trying 🙁
Taste Trunk saw my review and was kind enough to tell me the flavors on the Honeystix! That’s great customer service right there 🙂
White – Organic Coconut Agave
Dark Orange – Mango Honey
Dark Brown – Chocolate Honey
Light Orange – Watermelon Honey
Pink – Organic Sour Grape Agave
The Jam Stand ‘Razzy Gabby & a side of Jalepeno’ Jam (Value $10):
This is said to be the perfect mix of sweet and spicy. I really don’t like spicy things, but I will give this a try since I love raspberries! Hopefully I like it, it’s super full-sized! 🙂
The Jam Stand ‘Drunken Monkey Jam’ (Value $1.88):
This treat includes sugared bananas, rum, and a dash of lime! Don’t ya just wanna put that on your toast? 🙂
East Shore Raspberry Dipping Fudge (Value $1.75):
Is this box sweet or what!? Raspberry dipping fudge man…I’m in heaven.
Final Thoughts: When they said ‘Sweets’ Taste Trunk, they weren’t kidding! I’ve received some of the most rich and, dare I say, classy sweets I’ve ever had! The value of this box was about $29, not including the s/h! I really liked the presentation, and how they incorporated the sweets into things other than candy, like jams. I really wish though that I knew what flavors of Honeystix I got, and the info. cards were A LOT to go through! I appreciated the stories about each company on the info. cards though. All in all though, this was a great box and I would definitely resubscribe! I am interested in trying out the other themes too.
Which theme would you get from Taste Trunk
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