Blush Box Review Summer 2013 – Adult Subscription Box

I received a Blush Box for review this week, and it was quite unlike any other subscription box I’ve ever received. It’s an adult subscription box, so I put the pictures and review down below in the show/hide option just in case anyone is uncomfortable. Click on it to see the rest of the post! 🙂 This box is a quarterly subscription, and I got the Summer box. It came in discreet shipping, and it was decorated nicely in a blue bow!
Box: Blush Box is an quarterly adult subscription box.

Price: $99/quarter, or $49.99/quarter for the mini subscription.

Contents: Sensual, sultry, fashionable, and fun surprises to help you indulge in your sexy side!
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The holy grail of sub. boxes.

Mad Mac Scoop-Neck Camisole (Value $52):
Now I would never pay $52 for a cami, (especially since my dryer eats my delicates), but this is one soft piece of lace! It’s part of a trio including the thong and headband by Mad Mac. Hand dyed and ‘microbrushed’, which gives it it’s soft touch!

Mad Mac Low-rise Thong (Value $18):
Thongs aren’t my fave, but since this claims to be the ‘softest thong I’ll ever wear’, I think I’ll love it!

Luna White Choclate Macadamia Bar (Sample Size) & Luna Chapstick (Value $3?):
These are super cute and I can always use another balm 🙂
Mad Mac Blue Lace Headband (Value $16):
Ahh I love this! Totally going to use this right away, hipster style!

Nicaragua Jewelry Project Bracelet (Value?):
I like that they included this! It makes the adult box seem more casual and inviting, and it also supports a good cause. 100% of the proceeds from these bracelets goes back to the Nicaraguan women who made it, empowering them out of poverty.
Sliquid Lubricant in ‘H20’ & ‘Sea’ (Value $1 each?):
A ‘sea’ lubricant seems painful…lol it just reminds me of salt! I’m sure it’s not though 😛
Firming Body Bronzer by Booty Parlor (Value $1?):
Can’t wait to try this to enhance my tan, plus it has pheromones which I always wanted to try!
BCute Classic Waterproof Massager (Value $25):
This explains itself lol.

Final Thoughts: This is an adult subscription box, but I think it’s very classy! I also like that it includes other things that will make you feel sexy, but are in no way vulgar but rather fun and sensual. The box had a great presentation and came discreetly, and I think there was a great amount and variety of products. I’m not too sure about the value since some I wouldn’t pay that much for the Mad Mac lace items, but the value of the items greatly exceeded $130+ dollars. I didn’t know what to think getting an adult subscription box, but the result was very positive for me! If you are interested I definitely recommend Blush Box.

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