Kona Kase Review July 2013 + 50% Off Coupon Code!

The July Kona Kase was filled to the brim with goodies! How do they stuff all these things inside? I can never seem to fit it all back…Anyways the reason why I am reviewing a July box at the end of August is because this was a free box I got as some type of referral compensation. Right on!
Box: Kona Kase will give you products to help fuel your active lifestyle.

Price: $15/month. (Order through my link HERE and get 50% off your first month!)
Contents: A minimum of 8 health-concious products!

Info. card and quote card! ( I love inspirational quotes in boxes lol.)

Turkey Perky Jerky (Value $1.50):
I’ve never tried turkey jerky before, but I’m definitely interested!
Caveman Cookies (Value $2?):
I definitely think there should be more cookies in subscription boxes, don’t you? 😉 
Pro Bar Bolt Organic Energy Chews ‘Orange’ (Value $2?):
Excited to try these energy chews; I can definitely use a little boost during the middle of a long shift at work. Hopefully they are good! 

Enjoy Life Seed & Fruit Mix (Value $1?):
 I thought this was a great snack, and considerate due to the fact that they are big on having no nuts! (Due to people being allergic I assume?)
Barbara Llewellyn Granola (Value $1?):
This looks yummy and I want to mix it with vanilla yogurt at this very moment!
Garuka Bars (Value $3):
These are supposed to be a great pre-workout snack, and sound so yummy! It contains only honey, peanuts, butter, grains, cranberries, and brown sugar. My mouth is now watering.

I always am so nervous to try these ‘energizing gels’, and thus never do. I just think I’d hate them. (I’d never used to eat that candy gel as a kid either.) Plus the flavor scares me a bit.
Health Warrior Chia Bar ‘Acai Berry’ (Value $2?)
Chia is the new big thing! (Supposed to be super good for you!) I’m excited to try this as I’ve never tried chia before, and the flavor sounds yummy! A coupon was also included, which I always appreciate as a couponer!

Final Thoughts: I think Kona Kase is a great subscription box for people who wants snacks to fuel an active lifestyle. I feel the contents are more so geared towards those who workout or are trying to eat more healthy, but I like how they are actual snacks, and not just supplements! (So anybody could enjoy them actually.) They also give you a lot of products to try, and the price is very inexpensive 🙂 I’ve guesstimated the value for all of these (most are only available in bulk), but you seem to get your money worth!
Try out Kona Kase HERE! (And get 50% off your first month by clicking that link!)
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August 28, 2013