Bestowed Box Review August 2013 + Coupon Code!

Box: Bestowed is a box full of healthy foods, handpicked by celebrity nutritionist Heather Bauer.

Price: $19/month. (Use my link and code 5OFFBESTOWED03 for $5 off your first box!)

Contents: Healthy snacks, foods, and beverages.
The box.

First look.
Instead of an info. card, I got a whole booklet! I loved this as it also included tips for innovative ways to use the product, why they chose it for the box, and recipes. 

Nakano Seasonsed Rice Vinegar (Value $2.50):
This is such a versatile product; add it to vegetables, shrimp, mix it into sauces, etc. Plus it’s huge, so I’ll get a ton of use out of it.
Reboot Wellness Booster 3-Day Pack (Value $13.99):
This is such a cool product! There is a pouch with water/powder, you squeeze it and mix the contents, and you can drink the formula straight from the bag. The product itself contains antioxidants that promote detox and gets rid of damaging free radicals. I wonder what it tastes like…regardless I’m trying it! I’m loving all these supplements I’m receiving in boxes.

Seasnax Seaweed ‘Chipotle’ (Value $1.50):
I could eat seaweed all day, but I don’t believe in flavoring it. Plus, I don’t like spicy things. I do loooove me some seaweed though, I grew up eating it and it’s a very popular snack here in Hawaii.
Rice Chips ‘Santa Fe Barbecue’ ($1):
I’m trying to cut back on my chip obsession, so I’ll have to gift these. They look pretty good though!
Cascadian Farms Organic Crunch ‘Honey & Oat’ Granola Bar (Value $1?):
This is the type of snack that my husband often eats, so I’m sure he’ll enjoy it.

Mighty Leaf ‘Sunburst Green’ Iced Tea (Value?):
This flavor consists of green tea and bright citrus; sounds yummy! I like experimenting with tea so this will be fun to try.

 Yay for coupons!

Miracle Noodles Angel Hair Pasta (Value $3.50):
These truly are a miracle. 0 calories, soy/gluten/wheat free, and it doesn’t have to be cooked! Yes please.

Flax n’Chia Stix (Value $1.10 each):
I’ve heard a lot about chia recently, so I’m excited to incorporate this into my diet. It says it can be added to smoothies (or eaten alone), so it’s easy to take down also. I’m a picky eater, so I really appreciate when I can mask the flavor of some supplements with something else.

Noosa Yoghurt Coupon (Value $3.00):
This unique yoghurt from Australia has a bunch of yummy flavors (like Mango & Passion Fruit), and sounds so decadent! Thankfully this can be found in Target and Whole Foods, so I will definitely be picking one up.

 Final Thoughts: I absolutely loved this box! I absolutely want to try another, as I enjoyed the majority of the products that I received. It was a lot of unique items that I never saw before, and everything seemed pretty health conscious, which is great as I’m trying to improve my diet. Some of my values were estimates, but I valued this box at around $29 (not including s/h), so that’s a great deal! This box only costs $19, and it’s an even better steal if you use my link and coupon for $5 off. $14 is seriously a score!
Use my link and code 5OFFBESTOWED03 for $5 off your first box!
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