Goodies Co. Box Review – August 2013

I’m probably one of the last people to get their Goodies Co. box this month, and I honestly have to say I’m very disappointed. Not because I didn’t like my box, I was just expecting something different. 
I didn’t know Goodies Co. gave variations in their boxes, and all the reviews I saw had a giant, delicious looking box of Hershey’s Chocolate Chunk Premium Cookie mix. Instead I got an Alo. drink and veggie sticks…first of all, talk about a let down. Second of all, it doesn’t really seem equal in value. I mean, other people got a whole box of cookie mix (tons of servings), and that’s supposed to be comparable to the drink & veggie sticks? Seems lame, I was upset. (Major cookie cravings going on over here.) I also won’t be doing the estimated values since the samples are tiny.
Box: Goodies Co. is a food subscription box by Walmart Labs.

Price: $7/month. (Includes s/h!)
Contents: Handpicked snacks and drinks (often contains full-sized products) every month!

Poplets Toasted Corn ‘Sea Salt & Butter’:
This had a great butter flavor, but the poplets themselves were kind of hard. I like Halfpops way better.
Tangy Zangy Twisties ‘Sour Wild Berry’:
These are your average sour candy, really yummy though!

Bigs Sunflower Seeds ‘Hidden Valley Ranch’:
I love sunflower seeds and these are probably good, but I have a weird phobia of eating flavored sunflower seeds, so I’ll probably pass this along.
Barnie’s Coffee Pronto ‘Cool Cafe Blues’:
This is kind of cool! It’s a liquid coffee that you can mix into hot/cold water. I’m a coffee-aholic so I’m going to enjoy testing this out! The flavor is said to have hints of ‘rum, caramel, maple, nutty pecan, and sweet cinnamon.’ YUM!

Alo Light ‘Exposed’ Aloe Drink:
I actually tried this beforehand and found it quite refreshing! It has aloe pulp which was cool, and had a nice light taste. Good, but not something I’d buy on my own.
The Daily Crave Breaking News Veggies Sticks:
I know I ranted on about how I was disappointed to see these veggie sticks, but I actually enjoy these and prefer them health-wise to fatty chips I eat. 
Final Thoughts: All in all, I actually loved my Goodies Co. box, besides not getting the cookie mix. It’s only $7 and absolutely worth trying! I like being able to sample new brands, and I really like that they are things that I can easily find in local stores. I like unknown brands also, but some things I find in subscription boxes are so rare they are only available in bulk :/ I also wish there was an info. card, but Goodies Co. is known for NOT having one, but no biggie. I’m looking forward to next month’s box! (Hopefully the values will be more fair between boxes!)
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