Juniper Box Review September 2013 – Period Subscription Box!

Presenting Juniper, a box to help you get through during shark week! (Get it? lol!) I love the idea of period subscription boxes; so seemingly random, yet so obvious as we get our period every month. It’s a great combination of necessities and comforting goodies, and this month’s theme was something all women adore; chocolate!

Box: Juniper is a monthly subscription service for your period.

Price: $28/month.
Contents: Your choice of tampons/pads, treats, and other items to help better manage your time of the month.

First look.

Underneath the letter.

Bags of goodies, plus a kleenex for your irrational period tears! (Haha just kidding!)

With Juniper you are able to choose your brand of pads or tampons you want, in which I chose U by Kotex. You’re also asked if you want some backup protection (liners and wipes), and Midol, both to which I said yes. 
More pads, whoo! (Value with other pads/liners about $8?)

Toffee Talk ‘Almond’ (Value $2?):
Mmmm this looks sooo dang good! Must devour.
Bart & Judy’s The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies in the World (Value $2?):
These are brown in color, and SOOO good! Super chocolately. I was doubting that these were the best in the world before I tried it, but seriously they are in the running after my first bite! Great product.
Sasso Bar (Value $2?):
This is a coffee caramel & nougat covered in dark chocolate. Sounds heavenly!

Mighty Leaf Tea Bags in ‘White Orchard’, ‘Earl Grey Decaf’, and ‘Chocolate Mint Truffle’ (Value $0.67 each):
Nothing like some soothing tea to calm you down this time of the month.
Honey Sticks (Value $1?):
For your tea I assume? Or just to eat straight for a little sweet treat 😉

New Tree Chocolate Leaves in ‘Casis’ (Blackcurrant), ‘Amandes’ (Almond), ‘Lavande’ (Lavender), ‘Gingembre’ (Ginger) (Value $0.29 each):
I haven’t tried any of these yet, but the almond looks good and I’m super excited to try the lavender. I’m glad that these chocolates are making me a bit more experimental, it’s fun!

New Tree Chocolate Leaves in ‘Cannelle’ (Cinnamon), ‘Noir’ (Dark Chocolate), ‘Lait’ (Milk Chocolate), Speculoos (Belgian Cookie) (Value $0.29 each):
As you can see I ate the milk chocolate and speculoos. The chocolate was good and i love these little treat sizes, so cute and a good portion for me! (I don’t eat too much chocolate). I wish the speculoos had a bit more flavor though, it was just sort of crunchy.
Final Thoughts: I LOVE everything about this box! I think it was packaged nicely and curated so perfectly to the chocolate theme, which is of course perfect for your period! I calculated the value to be around $20…a little under the $28 price tag, but I was guessing and that doesn’t include s/h costs. Plus I feel like you got a lot of products in the box, so it didn’t phase me much. I don’t mind if a box doesn’t have a theme, but it’s extra special when everything fits so well with each other. I got an ample supply of feminine products and appreciated the extras like midol, kleenex, etc. It was a perfect pick me up for this special time, and I’d highly recommend this little gift to yourself!

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September 17, 2013