Love With Food Box Review + Coupon Code! – September 2013

My Love with Food box arrived a few days ago and it has definitely been my favorite box so far! I saw a couple reviews before I got it myself, so I knew it was stuffed to the brim (more than usual) with goodies! I loved so much of the snacks this month, and was happy with the curation by Chef Ming Tsai. I tried to estimate the best values I could from the Love with Food shop, which I tried to cross-reference with the actual online retailers. (Some prices were marked up a bit, some the same.)
Box: Love With Food is a monthly snack subscription box.
Price: $12/month. Use my link & coupon code FBGIFT to get your first box free! (Just pay $2 s/h).
Contents: Lots of themed snacks delivered to you every month!
The box comes wrapped securely in plastic, which I removed here.

First look.

A brochure for Ming Tsai’s cookbook and the information card. I like how these info. cards have pictures 🙂

First look at all the snacks. 
Cosmos Creations ‘Cinnamon Crunch’ Corn Snacks (Value $1.25):
I haven’t tried this yet but believe me I will; I’ve heard it’s delicious.
Luscious Organics ‘Cherry Berry’ Honey Cookies (Value 1.20):
This is a small pack of some soft, nut-free cookies.
Betty Lou’s Bluebery Fruit Bars (Value $1.30):
This is a thick and heavy bar! Very delicious looking and a great size for this box.

Organicasaurus Cheddar Cheese Corn Snacks (Value $1.50):
These were okay. I was hungry (and did eat the whole bag), but I was looking for a stronger cheese flavor. Instead the flavor was sweet (kind of like those gross Utz Cheese Balls) and had a strong corn taste. I wouldn’t repurchase. 
Barefruit Crunchy Cinnamon Apple Chips (Value $1.50):
These were so good! Very crunchy, strong apple flavor (somtimes tart), and I like that I can taste the cinnamon, which makes me feel like I’m eating apple pie 🙂 It’s so healthy too, apples and cinnamon are the ONLY ingredients! I’d so eat this multiple times over. 

Milas Foods DipIn ‘Pepper & Artichoke’ Bruschetta (Value $1.50):
I think this is such a cute idea and sample size. I don’t care much for this flavor, but there is a black olive tapenade that sounds divine!
Yum Earth Organics Fruit Snacks (Value $1):
You just can’t go wrong with fruit snacks, am I right? These were SO good, like the best fruit snacks I’ve ever had. (Very sweet though!) I’m super impressed with the banana flavor also, it’s pretty darn delicious. I was about to buy some on the Love with Food shop but thought $1 for this tiny bag was a little pricey…we’ll see!

Millies Sipping Broths ‘Spicy Tortilla’ & ‘Indian Spice’ (Value $0.75 cents each):
These can be used for sipping or as a marinade. Like I said I don’t like spice, but it’s a nice addition to the box.
Wild Garden ‘Roasted Garlic’ Hummus (Value $0.75):
I’m still not sure how I feel about hummus after all my years of life. I’ve tried it on more than a few occasions and don’t love it, yet I don’t hate it…still confused. I will taste it though as I LOVE garlic. Again cute packaging!
Final Thoughts: I enjoyed a lot of the products in this box, and it was my favorite month by far! I’m not sure if the amount and quality of products had to do with the box being specially curated (I’m assuming?), but I thought it was fun and am looking forward to future specially curated boxes. I love Love with Food and definitely recommend it; it’s inexpensive and there is even a reward points system for referring friends and writing reviews!
How did you feel about this months Love with Food box?
Disclosure: All views in this post are the opinions of the author. Subscription Love will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but may accept a box at no cost in exchange for an honest review. This post may contain affiliate/referral links.
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