Goodies Co. Kids Box Review September 2013

This month I got my first ever Goodies Co. Kids box! (It’s actually the September box, it came late along with my Goodies Co. Box.) No I don’t have any kids. (Yes I often act like a child…lol.) This box also had a cute little sticker indicating that it’s the kids box…I think I’m loving this a bit more than my age appropriate box!
Box: Goodies Co. Kids Box is a food subscription box by Walmart Labs.

Price: $7/month. (Includes s/h!)
Contents: Handpicked snacks and drinks  for kids (often contains full-sized products) every month!
First look inside.

No information cards with this company, but they did leave the box blank so kids can draw on it! Cute touch.

Animeals Organic Pasta Sauce:
I thought this was a bit out of place due to it being a more savory and ‘healthy’ item (compared to all the other sugar filled snacks), but that doesn’t mean it’s bad! Pasta sauce is always appreciated, and I think it’s a nice integration item to help the kids stray away from wanting only sugar.
Oogies Ketltle Corn:
This is a big bag, and I’m sure it’s going to go fast! I love snacking on popcorn.

Cow Wow Cereal Milk ‘Fruity Trudy’:
I won’t be using this (I like my cereal milk plain), but what an interesting product, I’m sure kids would love it! Not that kids need a sugary replacement to milk, but very cute idea.
Sour Power Sortz Candy Straws:
Yum, yum, yum! I love sugary candy straws 🙂

Nesquik Cookies ‘Strawberry’ & ‘Chocolate’:
Who knew Nesquik made cookies?!? My husband was super excited to see these, he was a Nesquik addict in his younger days 😉
Final Thoughts: I liked this box a lot more than my regular Goodies Box., or what I like to call my ‘adult’ Goodies box. I do have a sweet tooth, (my husband has sweet TEETH), so this might cater to us a bit better! Like my other Goodies Co. review, I didn’t include values since the sizes are usually small or sample sized, but the box is worth it for only $7 including s/h. (I’m sure the pasta sauce would be in the $4-5 range alone!) I’m excited to see what’s in the upcoming boxes, and I’m sure if I had any kids, that they would devour these goodies! 

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