Goodies Co. Kids Box Review October 2013

Alas, the final Goodies Co. Kids box! If you haven’t heard (but I’m sure you all have), Goodies Co. made an announcement a few weeks ago that they were shutting down. I was kind of sad about it, not so much for the regular subscription, but I did enjoy the kids one for my sugar rush, as well as it was very inexpensive. Regardless, this just gives me more of a budget to try something new! This is the October box btw, which I didn’t get too long ago. (Something I’ve always hated about the company; ridiculous shipping times!) Also no values are included since some samples are small, but I can guarantee this is more than $7!
Box: Goodies Co. Kids Box is a food subscription box by Walmart Labs.

Price: $7/month. (Includes s/h!)
Contents: Handpicked snacks and drinks  for kids (often contains full-sized products) every month!
First look, can you believe how much was stuffed in here?
The card that comes with the box.
Pretzel Crisps
I absolutely love these, and are considering buying more! (They sell a huge bag at Costco.) Yummy pretzels, yet flat. Great for dipping!

Sneaky Pete’s ‘Raspberry’ Oat Beverage
This looks good and is very unique, hopefully I enjoy it! It’s gotten good reviews, so I’m excited.
Orbit Kids ‘Strawberry Banana’ Gum
Do you see this giant bag? This made the entire box, I was so excited! It tastes great too, but the flavor fades quick.

Lunchables Jr. ‘Teddy Bear Picnic’:
This is so cute, who knew Lunchables had a ‘Jr.’ version? This one contains teddy grahams, little dried apple bits, and a package of peanut butter. Great snack!
Warheads Sour Chewy Cubes:
I used to LOVE Warheads when I was little, and I love sour/sugary candy! This will be the next victim of my sugar craving. 
Happy Squeeze Fruit & Veggie Twist ‘Apple Mango Pear Kale’:
I absolutely love getting these fruit squeeze things in boxes, they are great little snacks for me! This was also very fruity tasting; I couldn’t have tell there was veggies in it if it didn’t say on the package.

Rockin’ola ChocoBerry Granola:
This seems great for kids, and would be great tossed into some vanilla yogurt!
GudFud Fruit Jelly Stuffed Marshmallows:
Definitely not my cup of tea, but what cute packaging! I’m sure it’s good if you’re a marshmallow fan 🙂
Stone Ground Apple Cinnamon Fig Bar:
Is it just me, or is fig not very popular? lol I’ve never been a fan, but apple cinnamon sounds delicious.
Final Thoughts: This was such an amazing box, packed full of 9 items for only $7! It was definitely my favorite Goodies Co. Kids Box; I wonder if it’s because they shut down? (I’m thinking they had a bunch of extra snacks meant to be for future boxes that they just had to include…) I’m not sure, but regardless it’s over, at least they went out with a bang!
RIP Goodies Co.!
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November 15, 2013