Goodies Co. October 2013 Review & Shut Down

Like I said in my previous Goodies Co. Kids October 2013 post, if you haven’t heard the unfortunate news, Goodies Co. has shut down and October was the last box. I won’t include values as a lot of these are hard to calculate, but it’s definitely worth more than $7! Also I must mention I will miss the kid’s box as I got some really great sugar snacks, but this one not so much.
Box: Goodies Co. is a food subscription box by Walmart Labs.

Price: $7/month. (Includes s/h!)
Contents: Handpicked snacks and drinks (often contains full-sized products) every month!
Easy Make Focaccia:
I was really excited about this until I saw that it had a hole and got all over the contents of the entire box. Everything was dusty so I just dumped it in frustration 🙁
Knourish ‘Cinnamon Rasin’ Hot Cereal:
This is such a great idea from Kellogs, and a new product to me. I’m interested in the other flavors they have, and like how convenient the toppings are on top. (Good because I don’t like raisins!)

Choco Pie:
Not a fan of marshmallow, but what a sample! Great for you sweet tooth-ers.
Guylian Belgian Chocolate:
I’ve never heard of this brand, but it looks like some yummy truffles.
Coffee Thins ‘Espresso’ & ‘Latte’:
I’m a coffee ADDICT, (like it’s a serious problem), so I’m excited to try the latte thin! 
Enjoy Life ‘Cherry Cobbler’ Bar:
I’m going to give this to my husband for one of his lunch snacks, it actually sounds pretty yummy.
Happy Squeeze Greek Yogurt ‘Peachy Keen’:
I thought I would love this as I love all the other fruit squeeze pouches, but ew it was horrible! So sour like it was spoiled; no bueno.
WarHeads Sour Twists:
I love these types of candy, thus the reason why the package is empty! I couldn’t wait guys…
Caffe D’Vita ‘Enchanted Chai’ Tea Latte:
I am not a big fan of chai, but this looks like a great product if you enjoy the flavor.
Final Thoughts: This was actually one of the better boxes for Goodies Co., in terms of how much items were in the box and general variety. (I suspect it’s because they had so much product to get rid of due to shutting down.) Not much fit my personal taste, but I’m picky with food and am honestly hard to please. 
RIP Goodies Co.!
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