Little Black Bag Review + 25% Coupon Code!

I’ve always been intrigued by Little Black Bag, but I never seemed to get around to purchasing anything I really wanted. One day while browsing, I noticed a GORGEOUS pair of nude platforms by Dolce Vita shown below. My entire buying process is detailed below, including my bundled items and items I traded for! Hopefully you can follow, it’s pretty intricate!
Me wearing my new babies!

This color is still available on Little Black Bag
Here is the shoe, sold out on Solestruck! The shoe retails for $199 and with Little Black Bag I only paid $36.90, along with a necklace! (More on that below.) (Not sure why it was so cheap, I know the bundle above says $99.95 so maybe they raised the price on this particular shoe? Or there are more pricey bundled items included) Anyways…
I also got 3 things below along with my shoes in a ‘bundle’. A ‘bundle’ is mystery items you get along with your selected item if you sign up for a VIP membership for a few bucks more. (Basically being billed monthly for store credit, but of course you can cancel. The initial item also can be bought singular and doesn’t have to be bundled.) An example is shown above of a bundle. Prices and items in bundles vary based on what item you initially pick. If you pick a less expensive item, your bundle will be cheaper.

As you can see, the total price of my bundle was $49.95, and $39.95 with the VIP discount. I also had a $15 discount, so I got an amazing deal! 
What made me also really want to take part of Little Black Bag was trading items. Since the items that you get in a bundle are a mystery (besides your initial purchase), you can trade unwanted things with other members to get something you really want. Since I didn’t like my other bundled items too much,  I traded the candle, phone case, and earrings for this necklace below. The total value of my items was worth more ($32 vs. $20), but I wouldn’t use the other items so I made a good choice personally. I don’t have a real-life picture of the necklace because I unfortunately misplaced it. Boo me!

Final Thoughts: All in all, Little Black Bag was a terrific experience and is a wonderful site! I got a tremendous deal on my shoes, and got a gorgeous (yet missing) necklace to go with it. The entire trading process was very fun, and I enjoyed getting offers from members and tryna hustle for different things. There is a HUGE selection of bags, shoes, beauty items, home items, and more! Customer service was extremely quick and helpful, and I think the pricing is great. You can save up to 70% on some items, and if you use my link, you can save an extra 25% on your first VIP bundle! 

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