Taste Guru Review + Coupon Code December 2013 – Gluten Free Subscription Box

A couple months ago I found out about a Taste Guru deal on Gilt (now over but you can see my post here), and I was able to score a 6 month subscription for only $35. (I know, unheard of!) So, this is my first of the six boxes 🙂 Since I’m late on posting this (last December post, yippee!) you should be seeing the January box/post soon!
Box: Taste Guru is a gluten-free subscription box.
Price: $24.99/month. (Use code 2FREE to get 2 boxes for only $24 shipping.)
Contents: 6-8 full-size gluten free products.

The various coupons and recipes included in the box; awesomeness!
The ‘welcome/hello/salutations’ card 🙂 Always thoughtful to include one of these.
The information card, which is also nice as it highlights the healthy points.

Fiona’s Natural Foods Cranberry Flax (Value $5):
I’m going to pass this along to a friend, but it looks good for those who love flax/granola type of things.
Oven Baked Organics Pancake Mix (Value $5):
My husband will appreciate pancake mix! We aren’t gluten intolerant so I don’t think we ever had a gluten-free mix, does it taste any different? We’ll see!

Just Fruit Bar ‘Apple Cherry’ (Valeu $2):
Just fruit puree and fruit concentrates in this vegan bar. I had this before in a previous box and I LOVED it! 

Fruit Chia ‘Blueberry Blast’ (Value $2):
With only 4 ingredients (all-natural fruit and chia seeds), this seems like a really healthy bar. Nothing added and natural sugar, plus the blueberry flavor sounds DELICIOUS. Can’t wait for this!

Food Should Taste Good ‘Sweet Potato’ Chips (Value $1.50):
I’ve heard a lot of great things about this brand, and you all know how I’m a chip fanatic.

Baked ‘Parmesan Garlic’ Lentil Chips (Value $1.50):
Although I’m not a huge fan of lentil, the parmesan garlic flavor sounds delicious and I’m going to tear into this bag right quick.

Revolution ‘Southern Mint’ Herbal Tea (Value $1 for both.)
Like that this is caffeine free and that it’s a mint flavor. I’m not a huge tea drinker, but when I do drink it I tend to go towards more herbal flavors. 

At the Table Together Gluten-Free Pizza Dough Mix (Value $5):
I was super excited about this, but it unfortunately didn’t handle well during transport. My box was a bit dusty because of it, and I just didn’t care to deal with the mess. (So I dumped it!) It did look like a fun project though, I would have enjoyed making my own pizza. 
Final Thoughts: Although I don’t have a gluten-free diet, I think it was really cool to see the type of foods included in this box. I also like that not only snacks are included, but things that you can cook with as well. The value of this box was around $23. Although under the $24 value, not included is the value of being exposed to a bunch of gluten-free products that you might not have came across otherwise. 
Sign up for Taste Guru here! (Don’t forget the 2FREE coupon code to get 2 boxes for only $24!)

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