Memebox 7th Edition Review – Korean Beauty Products!

Here is the 7th edition of Memebox USA! I believe the latest edition of the box that is out now is 12…but I swear I’m not that behind! They pump out boxes like it’s nobodies business, there’s even editions of boxes that just have facial masks! (That’s one I’d love to get!)
Box: Memebox is a Korean beauty box. It’s not a monthly subscription, but boxes are available for purchase when they periodically come on sale. Members find out when new boxes are available through email.
Price: $23 ($5.99-$7.99 s/h; varies by location). (You get $7 in points back though every time you buy a box.)
Contents: Various full-size and sample sizes of Korean beauty products, curated by Korean beauty experts & ‘Get It Beauty’ production team.
The ever so savvy information card.
 Leaders Insolution Bio Medi-curing Mask Aqua Dressing (Value $3 each):
This is 100% coconut jelly! Lol it sounds funny and cooling and odd at the same time. It says to reduce wrinkles, which I don’t have…yet…but it also is super hydrating 🙂
Dr. G Bio-Rtx Mentor Cream 7 (Value $14):
There were 3 variations of this product that was distributed, and I got the one that helps to rebuild a collapsed skin barrier, which is great for acne-prone skin. (Which I have!)
Catrin Natural 100 Sun Kill Spf 42 (Value $42):
I was very excited to get this! It’s super white on my skin though (and I have pale skin already), so I can’t imagine it would love great on darker skin tones. Maybe it’s supposed to be lightly dusted, and I put too much on? It has a nice sponge applicator that’s attached that I liked though.
Miseenscene 2X Curl Essence (Value $2):
This is a leave-in treatment that provides volume and helps with damaged hair. It doesn’t say it’s specifically for curly hair, but it’s called curling essence…I’m a tad baffled.

Jasoyup Herb Tea/Black Tea Makeup Designer Kit (Value $23):
I’m so excited that there was a full blown makeup kit in here! I have a picture showing the items below, but it contains 4 eyeliners, nail stickers, and a lip/cheek pencil! 
Recipe by Nature Slowganic Cleanse in ‘Lemon’, ‘Green Tea’, and ‘Adlay’ (Value $40):
It’s hard to believe that these little things are so pricey, but they are so freakin cool! They look like little balls of mozzarella lol. Also, ‘slowganic’ stands for slow, raw, and organic. Cute!
Here is what was inside that container, isn’t it beautiful!? The pencil liners are pigmented, but I prefer a smoother eyeliner. The black one is a lot easier to apply and has sparkles in it.
Final Thoughts: This has definitely been one of my favorite boxes! I loved that we got a full on makeup set and I’m always down for some facial masks. The mozzarella facial cleaners also blew my mind with how cool they were! The value of this box was a whopping $127, so it was an amazing deal as always. I’m looking forward to the other editions!

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