Love With Food Review April 2014 + Coupon Code! – Snack Subscription Box

My April Love with Food box had the theme of ‘Flower Power’, and contained all things inspired from beautiful spring flowers. I thought the theme was great, but unfortunately due to my picky nature, I didn’t really enjoy much in this box 🙁 Regardless, here are all the items! (Also as usual, I won’t have the values since these are mostly all sample sized!)
Box: Love With Food is a monthly snack subscription box.
Price: $12/month (Use coupon code YUMMY to get your first box for only $2!)
Contents: Lots of themed snacks delivered to you every month!
First look! I love the theme card; so pretty.

The beautiful information card.
Orchard Blend Sensible Foods Crunch Dried Snacks:
Unfortunately these weren’t the best…they were sour and freeze dried, and I prefer baked fruit snacks.
Sahale Snacks Glazed Nuts ‘Almond’:
I thought these were gonna be sweet….HELLLLLNOOOOOOO. Sorry but these were barf.

 Meli Honey Waffle:
Mmmmm this was soooo good! (I couldn’t even wait till I took pictures to try it lol.) It’s honey sandwiched between 2 waffle type things, and dang it was delicious.
Fiordifrutta Organic Fruit Spread:
I was super pumped about this until I realized I got the apricot spread and not the strawberry 🙁 I don’t like apricots! It was super cute though, and I’m sure delish!
Organic Energy Bumble Bar:
I don’t recall when, but I think I got this before in some other subscription box…I don’t remember trying it though.

Crave Canyon ‘Aged White Cheddar & Hatch Green Chile’ Popcorn:
I don’t like spicy! Ugh.
 Vintage Bee Creamed Honey with Chocolate Mint:
I don’t like mint chocolate, but this is a great little packet, I love the idea.
Heart-Tee Wild Hibiscus Flower Co. Tea:
I think it was super cute that we got flower tea, it obviously goes perfectly with the flower theme! I’m excited to try this 🙂

Final Thoughts: I’m a picky eater, and it sucks. Love with Food gives great samples and is very affordable, but I don’t think I’ll keep up with my subscription, as I just don’t end up liking much things from my box 🙁 Boo me! It’s always fun to explore though 🙂

(Don’t forget to use coupon code YUMMY to get your first box for only $2!)
Disclosure: All views in this post are the opinions of the author. Subscription Love will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but may accept a box at no cost in exchange for an honest review. This post may contain affiliate/referral links.
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  1. Reply

    Karen Box

    April 22, 2014

    That's so weird that they gave you apricot while it says strawberry, but still yum! That honey wafer looks delish too!

  2. Reply

    Natasha @

    May 23, 2014

    I think strawberry was like the default packaging, i got another box with blueberry inside!