Urthbox Review + $10 Gift Card! – March 2014 Healthy Subscription Box!

This is my first box in a 6-month Urthbox subscription deal that I scored off of Gilt. I’ve had one Urthbox previously, and they give some pretty healthy snacks! (Great, because I seriously need to cut back on the junk food.) This is the ‘classic’ version of the box, and because there are so many tiny samples, I won’t be listing values.
Box: Urthbox is a snack subscription box to help you discover new healthy products.

Price: $25/month. (Free s/h.)

Contents: Varies on type of box, but most likely will have 10-20 healthy products. There are 5 different types of boxes: Standard, Snacker, Vegan, Diet, and Gluten-Free.

First look inside.

Look at all that stuff! 
The ‘month’ card, some generous gift cards, and information on how to get $$$ for their store. (Let me know if you want the $10 gift card code towards your order!) A problem with the member points though, is that their store isn’t up and running! Hopefully they get that fixed soon, it’s quite annoying honestly. I also wish they had a products card/information card.
Salba Chia Seeds Boost:
I’ve heard of the benefits of chia seeds, and although I’m not one to put healthy additives in my food, I do take the opportunity when I get it in a subscription box 🙂
Unreal “The Double One”:
EW EW EW. This is a disgrace. I’ve heard people say that this tastes exactly like a Reese’s, and that’s blasphemy. 
Luscious Organics ‘Cranberry Almond’ Cookie:
I think I had this before…and I don’t think I liked it 🙁

Pur Absorb Iron:
I might try this, or I honestly might throw it away…haven’t decided yet! 
 Hemp Hearts Hemp Seeds:
Another thing I’ll try and incorporate into my diet! 🙂
Eco-Dent Mouth Rinse/Gum/Daily Care:
How lame is it that I was most excited for these items out of the entire box? It includes mouth rinse, some baking soda toothpowder, and dental gum! Chewing the gum right now, and its pretty good! It does have a baking soda taste after a while, but it’s a great breath freshener.
Snapea Crisps:
I’ve bought these before and they are good, but only in moderation. After a few days of eating I didn’t like them anymore lol.
Chic-a-peas ‘Falafel’:
I’m a horribly picky eater, (and don’t like peas), so this was not liked by me very much. The flavor was good, but not the peas itself.
Bean & Rice Chips ‘Pico De Gallo’:
I’ve honestly never had Pico De Gallo! Excited to try these but I won’t get my hopes up lol.

Svelte ‘Cappuccino’ Organic Protein Shake:
I passed this along to a friend since I don’t really sweeten my coffee (and I assume this has a bunch of  sugar), but it does sound yummy.
Neo Water:
Supposedly this has a bunch of antioxidants/electrolytes/amazing stuff that makes it SUPER-water lol. I drank it and of course it tasted normal, but hopefully the extras are working wonders in my body 😉
Shelton’s Jalepeno Turkey Stick:
 One, I’m creeped out by eating turkey jerky. Two, I don’t like spicy things! Why do companies send spicy things so often?!

Final Thoughts: Wow, this was a major loss for me! 🙁 I normally like/am excited to try a bunch of things in a box, and I kind of liked only a couple things from this, one being dental rinse -__- I know I’m a picky eater, but a lot of these things just weren’t super likable to me. (Or were kind of meh, such as an iron supplement.) I also didn’t get an item that I saw other people receive, so that sucks also. (I will be emailing them and see what they say.) Hopefully within the next 5 months of my subscription, I enjoy more of the items! Also, I hope the Urthbox shop gets going soon! 
Check out Urthbox! (And remember, let me know if you want a $10 coupon code!)
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  1. Reply

    Karen Box

    April 7, 2014

    I picked up the Vegan box and it was pretty similar. I'm looking forward to the iron supplement, actually!

  2. Reply

    Samantha Ewell

    April 17, 2014

    I didn't get two things that were in your box. Including one thing that was listed on the card insert I emailed them about it and all they said was we send out so many boxes they can't all be the same. I've got to be honestI'mpretty disappointed with their customer service so far. This is the second issue I've had already and I've only gotten one box. Not too mention how long it takes the box to get here after its been shipped. My box took almost two weeks to get here.