MunchPak Review + Coupon Code! – October 2014 Snack Subscription Box

Don’t know what to eat for those midday snack cravings? Need a pick me up during the work day? I think this box will definitely tickle your fancy! Introducing MunchPak, a snack subscription box filled to the brim! This was kindly sent to me for review, and I was very eager to see what was inside. (Note: I got the original sized box.)
Box: MunchPak is a snack subscription box. There are 2 sizes; original, and family size.
Price: $21 for the original, and $39 for the family sized. (Use coupon code SNACKIN for $2 off your first box!)
Contents: 12 full sized snacks from around the world in the original box, 22+ in the family sized.

Here is the first look. Loving the design of the info. card; so cute for Halloween! My issue with the card though is that it didn’t describe all the snacks inside like I was hoping. (Not a huge deal though as there is a website where you can look up all the snacks that Munchpak has to offer, so that can help you in finding out what you got in your box.) [I also won’t be doing estimated values for these since a lot are small and some are from other countries.] It will be an adventure sifting all of though these 🙂 

Herr’s Ketchup Flavored Potato Chips: I HATE ketchup…..omg! I can’t even with these.
Smoki Cornmeal Snacks: I read that these are some type of peanut flavored cornmeal snacks. Very interesting to have something peanut ‘flavored’…
??? — I can’t tell what this is based on my language barrier, but it looks to be some type of cracker with cheese in it! Yummmm. 

Dream Animals Butter Flavored Biscuits: Yummm! I think I’ll enjoy these.
Grandma’s Peanut Butter Cookies: Oooh, these are perfect to put in my husband’s lunch! and what a cute brand name lol.
Curlywurly: I had no idea what this was at first, but I noticed it’s from Cadbury! I think it’s some type of chocolate with toffee in it. It’s also very thin, which I particularly like.

Choco Pie: I’ve seen this around before, and it’s quite the interesting snack! Chocolate pillowy layers with cream inside. 
Balconi Wafers: I think these are halzenut/nutella flavored wafers. Another great little treat.
Unnamed Circle Rice Cracker: We call this mochi crunch in Hawaii, aka arare. A very popular snack here, and huge addiction of mine.
Toxic Waste Sour Smog Balls: Never seen these before, and the packaging is a little creepy to be honest lol. This has a crunchy shell with a chewy, sour center. Seems like something I’d enjoy.

Bloody Fangs Sour Candy: I’ve always had some type of aversion towards liquid/goo type of candy, but this is perfect for Halloween. Nice touch Munchpak!
Gourmet Delight Chocolate Wafers: Chocolate covered wafers! Enough said!
Hi-Chew (Grape): I LOVE Hi-Chews! They are very popular in Hawaii. Grape isn’t my fave, but I’l of course eat it.
??? — Again…another language…no idea lol.
Swedish Fish: I wish there were a hundred of these! One of my favorite gummies ever.
Final Thoughts: I initially couldn’t believe how much yummy snacks were in this box. There were so many varieties of candy, cookies, biscuits, etc., that I wanted to eat a bunch of things at once, and I loved that! I also liked how there were some brands I recognized, and some that were new to me. I think this is a great subscription for snackers like me, and those who like to try out new sweet treats. As said before I don’t know the value of the items (and a detailed info. card would have been helpful), but I definitely feel like this is worth the cost of the box, as I got ton of full-sized snacks from around the world. If you’re in the market for a food subscription box, I’d totally recommend Munchpak!
Check out Munchpak here! (Don’t forget to use code SNACKIN for $2 off your first box!)
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    February 9, 2015

    For me, I still love Bocandy! Taste are unique and pleasing. You will be addicted specially to specially Curly Wurly Bar (UK) which is Caramel covered in chocolate.