Urthbox Review August 2014 – Why I Canceled!

Hey guys! So I’m on my trip currently (will be back home in a week or so), so that’s why I haven’t been posting a lot. I seriously didn’t have wifi for like the first 12 days of my trip! This is a very late Urthbox review, which I apologize for not putting up earlier. (It’s the least favorite box I had, so it took last in priority lol.) Urthbox is definitely one of my (if not the) least favorite subscription I’ve been subscribed too, as they have given me and other subscribers lot of issues. From there points system (nothing to redeem), to horrible communication, to unauthorized charges and faulty shipping, I definitely wouldn’t recommend this subscription to anyone. (But here’s what I got anyway!) I had a prepaid 6 month subscription that I got on a discount site, and this marks my last month. 
 Box: Urthbox is a snack subscription box to help you discover new healthy products.
Price: $29/month (Free s/h.) **This is for the medium size. They have a small size for $19/month.
Contents: Varies on type of box, but most likely will have 10-20 healthy products. There are 5 different types of boxes: Standard, Snacker, Vegan, Diet, and Gluten-Free.
Go Macro Macrobar ‘Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip’ (Value $2.50):
A energy bar that sounds yummy! I’ll pack this for my husbands lunch one day as a snack.
Emmy’s Macaroons ‘Chocolate Chips’ (Value $3):
These are so interesting in texture (very soft), but I haven’t tried them yet. I’m confused on the term macaroon, as I’ve tried 2 other types of macaroons that are nothing like this. I wish I got the ‘vanilla coconut’ flavor.

180 Nutty Rice Bites with Cranberries (Value $1):
I don’t think I will like these, as I don’t like much ‘corn bite’ type of snacks.
Popcorners ‘White Cheddar’ Popped Corn Chips (Value $1):
These are fantastic, period. We’ve been eating them for a while before, and it’s an amazing snack. 

Weleda Skin Food (Value ?):
A lotion sample! I’ve heard that Weleda is a good brand.
Eboost Natural Energy Shot (Value $2):
I have this idea that because I’m so small (and can’t drink too much caffeine or I get sick), I’ll get sick from taking energy shots. I’ve never tried any ever, and don’t plan on it!
Powbab Superfood Baobab Chews (Value $1):
These were delicious! They are super fruit chews that you take like a daily supplement (2 a day), which give you an immunity boost. I wanted to eat them all at once like candy.

Wild Garden Traditional Snack Combo (Value $3):
This is a great idea for a healthy snack, even though I don’t really like hummus.

Bai 5 ‘Tanzania Lemonade Tea’ Antioxidant Infusions (Value $3):
I’ve tried the dragon fruit flavor from Bai 5 and that is seriously the most amazing drink ever. EVER! and I hardly drink anything other than water and coffee. This was also pretty yummy, although I do try to avoid sugary drinks/drinks with caffeine.
Final Thoughts: The estimated value of this box was around $16.50, which is A LOT lower than the cost of the box. (I feel like I was missing some things as I’ve seen other bloggers boxes, [and I was told that I was missing things in previous boxes by other readers’], but the value still wasn’t near $29.) I did really like certain things in the box such as the Bai 5, Popcorners, and Superfruit Chews, but overall I don’t like this subscription for a multitude of reasons, and am no longer giving them my business. I would leave a link below for you all to check them out, but I really think your money would be better spent elsewhere!
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