Mantry Review November 2014 – Modern Man’s Pantry

This month I got the opportunity to try review one of my most coveted subscription boxes; Mantry! I don’t know about you guys, but there was always something about that crate that set it apart from the other subscription boxes out there. (Not to mention I know people love to get all crafty with the crates they get. Great repurposing!) The theme for this month was “Coffee and Smoke”. I’m a hugeeeee coffee fan, so that upped the excitement level X1000. 
Box: Mantry is the “Modern Man’s Pantry” that helps you discover American artisan food.
Price: $75/month. (Free s/h)
Contents: Sourced artisan full-size food items that fit into that months theme.

Here is the look at the actual crate! These guys get an A+ for creative packaging. (Note: There was an actual lid to the crate also.)
Here is a more in depth look at the information card. It gives great background information on the companies included in this months box. I like the little details of the actual states the companies are from.

La Quercia Smoky Borsellino Salami (Value $12):
Honestly, I’ve never received meat in the mail, so it was a little shocking! (Also a little awesome lol.) I do like salami, so this should be tasty.
Granola Jones ‘Mocha Haze’ Granola with Espresso (Value $10):
Now mocha isn’t my favorite type of coffee flavor, but I feel like it would be pretty tasty all mixed up with this granola and hazelnuts.

Sweet Georgia Soul BBQ Sauce (Value $6.42):
I thankfully never have to buy bbq sauce due to always receiving one every so often in a subscription box. This one looks sweet and tangy. I love using these to flavor my chicken; easy fix!
Lark Whole Grain Expresso Chip Shortbread (Value $6):
I think I will bring these to share with my coworkers at the office. (We were just discussing how much my coworkers enjoy coffee flavored cookies.) These are whole wheat cookies too!

Dave’s Coffee All Natural ‘Mocha’ Coffee Syrup (Value $11):
If my memory serves me correct, I received this previous in a subscription box long ago. I recall it being recommended on some ice cream as a unique flavoring. I also read a little of this can be mix with milk! Yummm.

Olive and Sinclair Buttermilk White Chocolate (Value $7):
This is so gorgeous; I feel like I’m staring at a Willy Wonka Bar. I’m not a huge fan of white chocolate (my husband is), but I must say I’m really pulled in by the ‘buttermilk’ ingredient. I love the flavor of buttermilk.
Final Thoughts: Man, what a first impression of Mantry! I didn’t get a picture of all the ‘extra’ packaging, but everything was nicely wrapped, with appropriate bubble wrap and extra packing for the chocolate. The flavor theme of coffee and smoke was greatly explored with varying flavor profiles and food groups…who would ever expect to get chocolate and salami in the same box right? The majority of these brands I’ve never heard of, so I really like discovering new companies (especially food-related ones) through this experience. 
The value of the box was a bit over $50. It doesn’t hit the $75 mark, but that doesn’t include the value of the crate, shipping, curation value, etc. It is admittedly a more pricey subscription, but I know a lot of people who love Mantry, and claim it as one of their favorites! (Plus, it’s one of the few catered subscriptions to that “manly-man” in your life.)

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