The Sweet Pea Post Review October 2014 – Craft / Stationary Subscription

I got a new-to-me subscription today guys! This extra-adorable post is about a craft/stationary subscription company called The Sweet Pea Post. Much to my surprise, the subscription came in an envelope and not a box, which I thought was very fitting for the type of subscription it was. Note that these items are mostly samples, so no value will be placed on these items.
Box: The Sweet Pea Post is a stationary/craft subscription letter.
Price: $4.79/month. (Includes s/h)

Contents: 5-6 stationary/craft supply samples, along with some additional goodies. (Examples include washi tape and ribbons.)
I was instantly impressed by the uber cool stamps. It’s the details people.

This was the back of the envelope, and it was taped with some adorable Halloween washi! I’m not a washi fanatic, but I can appreciate some rad adhesive when I see it.

Here is the first look of what was inside. I love how everything is so spot on with the obvious Halloween theme.

Included in the envelope was a very helpful contents list. In this picture also are two types of washi tape, and 2 chalk label stickers. Note that each washi tape sample is 1 ft! (And aren’t chalk stickers awesome? I love the chalk trend.)

Here we have some purple ribbon, orange twine, spiderweb tissue paper, and 10pc. skull sticky notes.  The skull is adorable!

We had some awesome spider confetti in the package, along with these 2 mini packages. The detail on these (and the whole envelope) are incredible. 

Finally we have what was inside the 2 little packages, which include 3 foam stickers and a goblet sticker. These are so stinkin cute, it’s making me want to scrap book this instant.
Final Thoughts: Like I mentioned above I’m not a super crafty person, but this was one of the most adorable subscriptions I’ve ever seen! Everything fit the theme so perfectly, and you can tell that the owner takes great pride in this subscription. If you are into crafts, scrapbooking, or anything of the like, I would definitely say sign up for this one! The samples are tiny and the themes may be a bit specific some months, but at less than $5 a month, I think the Martha Stewart in you would call that a no brainer.
If you’re interested, check out The Sweet Pea Post here!
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