Berry Cart Subscription Box Review + Coupon Code! – April 2015 Healthy Foods Subscription Box

Box: Berry Cart is a subscription box that features/includes organic, non-GMO, and gluten free foods.

Price: $29/month. (free s/h) (Use my link and code GET5OFF for $5 off your first box!)

Contents: At least 8 items (at least 4 full-sized) in every box!

The information card with the rebate info. I love the cellophane paper that was included.

 Hemp Hearts:
I heard that hemp is good for you, and that this goes well sprinkled into some yogurt for a little boost.

Pyure Organic Stevia:
Honestly this is the best tasting ‘organic’ sugar that I’ve had. I’ve tried about 3 different other types or ‘real sugar’ and all left a horrible aftertaste; this one I could stomach.

I Heart Keenwah Peanut Butter Cacao Clusters:
This sure likes like a ‘healthy snack’ lol. The peanut butter and cacao flavor sound really indulgent though!

World Peas ‘Ranch’:
I hate peas, and I don’t really like ranch flavored things besides chips. Pass for me.

 Bean & Rice Chips ‘Nacho’:
I know my husband is going to enjoy eating these! While I’m picky about my chips and am a little skeptical of the beans, he won’t mind at all.

Ips Chips with Protein ‘White Cheddar’:
I really liked this in the beginning, but after eating a bunch (theres a lot in this bag!), the protein ‘taste’ started getting to me. You know how things with protein kind of taste more…heavy?

Chocolate Snakaroons:
These are chocolate and coconut macaroons. They sound absolutely delish!

Kutoa Blueberry Almond Bar:
This contains chia and flax seeds, as well as the yummy almonds and blueberries of course. Sounds so gooood!

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Simple Square Organic Snack Bar:
This one has nuts and coconuts, and seriously my mouth is watering as I type this. The ingredients on this one are simple, yet sound so good! Also included was a coupon for Hemp Hearts.

 Final Thoughts: First of all, I love the huge variety of snacks in this box! Everything really seemed to stick to a healthy theme, all while still maintaining a ‘delicious factor’; not too healthy where it doesn’t taste good anymore. We got 9 items total, and a bunch were full size which is always a plus. I’m not sure of the value as I didn’t do a cost breakdown, but I would say this box just about pays for itself, as it’s free shipping, and you get to discover and indulge in a bunch of different healthy snack items. (It’s especially a good deal if you take advantage of the rebates!) What do you think of Berry Cart?

Sign up for Berry Cart here! (Don’t forget to use my link and code GET5OFF for $5 off your first box!)

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