The Pantry Gourmets Bitebox Review February 2015 – Gourmet Subscription Box

Presenting my February Bitebox! (I’m not extremely late in posting this. Bitebox usually sends out their packages late in the month. Not a problem though!) This box (package lol) features themed artisan food every month that I can’t wait to indulge it. This months themed was ‘Sweet and Spicy’. I unfortunately didn’t receive any information & recipe cards this month, but they are usually included. (They also are one of my favorite parts of the subscription!)

Box: Bitebox is a gourmet food subscription box.

Price: $50/month, free s/h.

Contents: 4-6 artisan items each month, along with recipes featuring the flavor profiles of that months theme.

Tumbador Chocolate ‘Dulce De Chile’ (Value $3):
Eeeek! I don’t like mixing non-sweet things with sweet typically. This is definitely for the adventurous.

Dude, Sweet Chocolate Break Up Potion Chocolate Sauce (Value $9):
What a decadent treat! This has some chocolate, bourbon, agave…yum! I wanna drizzle this over some ice cream.

Wild Friends Organic Honey Sunflower Butter (Value $8.99):
I am most excited about this! I love trying different kinds of butters, and I haven’t tried sunflower butter before. I also love when honey is mixed in. Sooooo stoked!

A&B American Style Pepper Sauce (Value $6):
I’m sure someone in my family who loves spice will have some use for this. Substitute for hot sauce maybe?

Zukali Fire Roasted Jalapeños (Value $6.95):
I am literally terrified of eating this! I know some people could do wonderful things with this flavor profile, but not me!

The Jam Stand You’re My Boy Blueberry Bourbon Jam (Value $10):
I’ve received this in the September Bitebox before, and it was delicious! It has blueberries, vanilla, bourbon, and sugar. Soooo good you guys.

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Final Thoughts: I think most of my readers know that I’m not a fan of spicy foods. My poor tastebuds just can’t handle! That being so, I won’t be able to use/eat some of the items in this box, but I know a lot of people who like spicy food would love them. For the things that aren’t spicy such as the blueberry jam and sunflower butter, I’m very excited for. The value of this box (not including s/h and bag), was around $44 dollars. A little lower than the cost of the box, but if you do include the s/h and recipe cards/bag (I didn’t get it but it’s usually in the bag), I think it’s definitely worth the cost.

 Check out Bitebox here!

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