Better Box Review + $10 Coupon Code! – Gratitude Box July 2015

Better Box Review

 Not too long ago I was sent a Better Box for review. I was really interested in Better Box because it was one that really focused on how the box can enrich your life, and not just being about the contents of the box. This boxes theme was gratitude. When you get your box, you can register it and are sent 7 emails, one per day for a week. Each email has a task designed around the theme, utilizing the products sent!

Box: Better Box is a monthly subscription box that delivers self-improvement experiences designed to help people live happier, healthier lives.

Price: $29/month, free s/h. (Use coupon code SubLove10 for $10 off your first box!)

Contents: A treasure chest of inspiring activities shipped to your door each month.

Better Box Review First look.

Better Box Review

Here is an example of the type of box this is; it really focuses on the experiences that you get out of the box, and the products sent will help add to that. The tasks for each day are listed below:

Day 1: Mapping Your Blessings. Use the mind map included to reconnect with gratitude.

Day 2: Showing Gratitude. Use one of the cards included to show someone how much you appreciate them.

Day 3: Give Thanks for the Simple Things! Have a cup of tea using the Vanilla Orchid Tea from Forte below and enjoy the simple things in life.

Day 4: Your Happy Place. I didn’t get it pictured, but in the box was a stone that was included with the word gratitude on it. The task for the day was to go to your happy place, reflect, and to leave the stone for someone to find 🙂

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Day 5: Inspire Gratitude in Others. Day 5’s deed was to perform a good deed and take a picture that would inspire others.

Day 6: Make A Wall of Gratitude. Take the sticky notes below and write notes on it of what you are thankful for. Then post them all around your house or workplace.

Day 7: Gratitude for Yourself. Take the bath salts below and indulge. You need to give yourself some credit every now and then 😉

Better Box Review

Better Box Review

I absolutely love the detail of this tea! See the little leave that would hang out of the cup? Perfect!

Better Box Review

Final Thoughts: I love the idea of this box so much! I have to admit that I didn’t complete the tasks on a daily basis as I was so busy that week, but it’s a terrific idea and I would still like to complete the tasks. The tasks are easy, simple, and I do believe it can be very rewarding and make difference to you and/or others. I’m not sure if the cookie shown above was for a specific task? It might have been just a complimentary sweet treat 🙂 I think this box is definitely unique in mission, and I’m very interested to see the upcoming themes. The products included were very cutesy also! Want to treat yourself or someone else to a box with meaning? I’d definitely recommend Better Box!

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