Love With Food April 2017 + Coupon – Subscription Box + Review

Love with food april 2017

Box: Love with Food is a monthly snack and food subscription box.

Price: They offer a tasting box for $7.99, a deluxe box for $16.50, and a gluten free box for $19.99.

Contents: 8+ snacks per month with the tasting box, 16-20 per month with the deluxe, and 10-15 with the gluten free.

This review is of the Tasting Box for $7.99.

Love with food april 2017

First look.

Love with food april 2017

Love with food april 2017

Surf Sweets Organic Fruity Bears (Value $0.50):
I love fruit candy, but not particularly the big sugar crystals on top. Nevertheless, it’s a delicious treat.

Ginger Candy (Value?):
My coworkers used to eat these all the time when they were feeling sick. It’s too ‘spicy’ for me to eat regularly, but it’s perfect if you’re feeling under the weather.

Love with food april 2017

Kashi Chewy Nut Butter Bar in “Salted Chocolate Chunk” (Value $0.75):
While not the most attractive bar (and a bit melted), this wasn’t that bad.

The GFB Dark Chocolate Coconut Bites (Value $2):
These are gluten free macaron type snacks.

Love with food april 2017

Burt’s Bees Vanilla Protein Powder (Value $3.49):
Who knew Burt’s Bee’s made a protein powder?! While I don’t make protein shakes regularly, I heard this tasted really good!

Dang Toasted Coconut Chips “Salted Cacao” (Value $1.25):
I love these! So tasty, the only thing is that it’s a bit dry. (Don’t eat too much at once, or else you may have a choking incident like I had lol.)

Love with food april 2017

180 Almond Pops with Blueberries (Value $0.75):
I’m not a huge fan of puff type snacks to be honest.

Utz Original Potato Chips (Value $1):
I love how Love with Food always sends chips – my favorite snack! Not anything special, but of course it was the first thing eaten. 

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Final Thoughts: While I look at this box more as a sampling/tasting experience and less about the value, it still had about $10 worth or product inside. I thought it was a great selection of snacks, and more substantial than past boxes too. For such an inexpensive subscription, I think it’s a great value.

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