Hasbro Gaming Crate Review August 2017 + Coupon! – Family Crate

hasbro gaming crate august 2017

Hasbro Gaming Crate is a new gaming subscription box that will launch in August. This subscription promises “Gaming Night Delivered!”, and offers 3 games for either family game night or adult game night. Below is a sneak peek of the very first family crate!

hasbro gaming crate august 2017

Box: Hasbro Gaming Crate is a subscription box featuring fun board games from Hasbro. You can choose between ‘family’, which is geared towards kids, or ‘party’, which is geared towards adults.

Price: $49.99 a quarter + s/h.

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Contents: 3 newly released games each quarter.

hasbro gaming crate august 2017

Each month, the games will have a theme. The August Family Crate theme is ‘Family Staycation’. The notepad on the left has a few brain teasers.

Mask of the Pharaoh:

hasbro gaming crate august 2017

For ages 10+, this is the featured game this month. You’re supposed to download a supplementary app, and it even includes a cardboard VR mask! In the game, players wear the VR mask with their phone and describe a route to a pyramid full of treasure while using the app. The other players try to build a maze route to that pyramid on the provided board. It sounds extremely fun!

I’m very impressed with how technology is taking board games up a level, although that does also up the difficulty. It seems though that kids would really like this type of gaming experience!

Leo Goes to the Barber:

hasbro gaming crate august 2017

For ages 6+, this game will have players leading Leo the lion through the jungle to get to his haircut appointment on time. This game involves matching and memory skills.

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Tricky Wishes:

hasbro gaming crate august 2017

For players 8+, this card game requires you to find 3 different kinds of wishes – one superpower, one gift, and one world harmony. I love the theme of the game and it’s pretty fun, although one round of play is a bit long. I feel this game may also be slightly difficult for younger audiences. Our group of friends that played are all in our mid-twenties, and it took us a while to understand the gist of the game!

Final Thoughts: I wish I got to experience the ‘party’ (adult) crate seeing as how that’s more of my age range, but this family (kid) crate was definitely fun. I do think though that the family crate is more so for kids in a specific age range – it’s seems a bit too kiddish for older teenagers, and the games may be too hard for younger kids to understand completely.

I do like the Hasbro Gaming Crate though, it is very unique, and I’m love playing board games! Getting 3 new ones a quarter is a great way to maintain your game nights with family or friends.

Check out the Hasbro Gaming Crate!

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August 3, 2017